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There has been one major lesson in the history of cryptocurrency up to this point, and that was 2017. We're on the precipice of a repeat of that year.

We're in the middle of the decline of fiat currency and the rise of banking regulation on utility cryptocurrency. 2021 is going to be a massive year for crypto, so get yourself in the door before it closes shut.

That doesn't mean that you need to go and take a night course on crypto trading, though. Crypto Investor is the only tool that you need to get started.

We take all of the complications and hard work out of your trading. By using our state-of-the-art algorithm, we can execute your trades for you. All you have to do is set parameters and fund your account.

The Crypto Investor Trading Bot

How to identify and make good trades is a major issue for a lot of fledgling crypto traders. They don't know how to look at a chart, let alone break one down and analyze it. Support and resistance levels, down and upswings, accumulation, and distribution all mean nothing to a new trader, and with us, they don't have to.

Our trading bot takes all of that theory and automates it for you. We've grown our own trading platform that analyzes the market using a complex series of financial algorithms and executes trades based on that data.

Our system looks for patterns, price swings, as well as any news that might influence the price of a coin. It then takes all of that data and outputs a buy or sell order based on the rules that you've set for it. This way, you retain control over your trades without needing to know how the market is behaving.

Our system has been designed with both beginners and experienced traders in mind, so create your account and start investing today.

The Clock is Ticking on Crypto

Cryptocurrency is the way of the future. Mainstream banking conglomerates and corporations are looking at it as a safe and fast way to move money across borders.

A lot of the discussions that have already taken place are going to be put on the table in 2021, meaning the price of cryptocurrencies is going to undergo a massive change.

You want to be on that train before it leaves the station, and Crypto Investor has your ticket.

Coins to Watch Out For

We've got a wide selection of different coins all up for grabs on Crypto Investor. Despite the overwhelming number of options you have, there are a few coins that we recommend you keep a special eye on.


XRP has been the dark horse of the crypto world for years now, and its nearly time for it to explode out of the gate finally. It's a utility-based coin that allows for limitless and seamless movement of money without any extraordinary fee or time restrictions. As a result, it's being considered for use by a lot of large financial bodies.

It's already undergone a massive change in November 2020, and it's predicted that the best is yet to come.


Bitcoin is the de facto cryptocurrency. It's so influential that its price directly affects that of every other cryptocurrency on the market.

It's the one that brought attention to the industry and remains as the king of the hill. There isn't a single respectable crypto investor alive that doesn't have some Bitcoin in their portfolio, so you should, too.


Ethereum is the spiritual successor to Bitcoin and sits in second place in terms of pricing. It's got a lot more utility than Bitcoin, meaning it's set up for more long-term success.

You would be remiss not to put a bit of your portfolio into this one, even if it's only a couple of percentages.

Why Use Crypto Investor

There are a few reasons as to why you should be using Crypto Investor as your trading platform. First and foremost, our trading technology is unlike anything available on any other platform today.

Most trading software uses nothing more than financial data. That's all well and good, but it leaves one massive element to be desired. That element is the human one. Buying and selling the news is a massive deal in the crypto world, and our system can do that. The Crypto Investor bot, with a little help from us, is capable of reading and recognizing cryptocurrency news in real-time as it hits the public. It can then take that data into consideration when making its price predictions.

All of this must cost a lot to use, right? That's what you might think, but the second reason that you should be using Crypto Investor is that it's completely free of charge. We have strategic partnerships set up with a variety of crypto brokers all over the world. Our funding comes from these partnerships, meaning we can offer Crypto Investor to you free of charge.

Why is that important for you? Well, it means that your success rate has no impact on our financials. In fact, your success is our success because it helps bolster our reputation. We have no incentive to short you on your trading, so we're always going to do our best to maximize your potential.

What Makes Crypto So Valuable

There is a number of different reasons that all contribute to why the cryptocurrency is worth so much. For our purposes, the biggest reason to focus on is supply.

The reason that currencies like the dollar and pound are on such a decline is the fact that there's so much of it. The most basic principle of economics is that of supply and demand. As the supply of money goes up, the value of it goes down.

The supply of fiat currencies only ever goes up. It's going up at an alarming rate, too. Several respected economists are suggesting that in the next ten years, we're going to see a complete collapse of the dollar. Crypto doesn't operate like that at all. It has a hard limit supply. New cryptocurrencies can't be printed, meaning there's not a ticking clock on its inevitable crash.

Rather, there's a ticking clock in the opposite direction. As the value of fiat continues to decline, the value of crypto continues to grow. You want to be a part of that growth sooner rather than later.

Cryptocurrency FAQs

We've gotten a lot of questions since we've launched Crypto Investor. Some of the questions that these beginner traders have tend to fall under the same categories, so we've put together a short FAQ for you to have a read.

How do I know when I'm ready to invest?

There's no turning point in your life that dictates when you're ready to start trading, but the sooner you do, the better.

It's important that you don't invest if you can't afford to, though. No matter how good our system is, there's always a margin of risk. If the possibility of failure is enough to destroy your financial situation completely, then stay away from crypto.

If you do have the disposable income to invest, though, then get yourself on the train as soon as possible.

How much do I need to start?

We don't charge for Crypto Investor, so you don't need to worry about that. That being said, there is a certain amount that you need to start making successful trades.

We've set our minimum deposit limit at $250 for that reason. It's low enough to present a low barrier for entry for beginner traders but high enough that it gives you a good and stable starting point to build your trading off of.

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