About us

You've learned about cryptocurrency, but what about us? We're flattered that you would ask, but our story isn't all that extraordinary.

Our founder was one of the early Bitcoin investors. They invested long before the notorious boom in 2017, meaning that they had more than enough disposable income to start a trading system once the dust had settled.

They thanked their lucky stars for the timing of their investments, but they also recognized that they could help a number of new traders make the same moves. That's where Crypto Investor came from.

They wanted a system that could get inexperienced people into the industry, and now that crypto is set for a golden age, they wanted to do it quickly.

Recruiting the Crypto Investor Team

Our founder didn't have the technical skills needed to build the system themselves, though, so they set about recruiting a team of developers.

A recruitment call was put out, and in no time at all, the applications were coming in. After intense interviews and screening processes, we had a team of a dozen different experts all ready to lend their skills to Crypto Investor.

The team was divided into two different sub-teams. One focused on the development of the app and its UI; the other team got to work on the trading algorithm.

Developing the App

The development of the Crypto Investor app was a long and deliberate process. What we noticed was that other trading platforms tended to throw technicalities at traders as soon as they logged in. This could be intimidating to new traders, so we decided to do away with that.

We show you only what you need to see for your trading level. Not only is this more accessible to inexperienced traders, but it gives you a natural way to progress your skills.

Developing the AI

Developing our trading AI was a much more difficult task than the development of the UI.

We had no problems getting the system to recognize trading patterns, but we struggled with the integration of the human element. Eventually, we came up with the idea of using keyword association to output financial binaries.

If our system recognized a piece of news as being good for a coin, it gave a one. If the news was bad, it outputs a zero. Those numbers are then used in the financial equation that dictates whether or not a trade is good.

The Release

We've finally gotten to the point where Crypto Investor has been released to the public, and we've been blown away by the feedback that we've gotten.

We've already helped thousands of new traders get on board the rocket ship before it takes off, and we hope that we can do the same for you.